Discover Springfield City

Located within Health City in Springfield Central, the Greater Springfield Specialist Suites are directly adjacent to the Mater Private Hospital Springfield, AVEO Springfield, Quest Apartments, Petit early learning childcare, and the $56.2 million Springfield Central Sporting Complex, making the Greater Springfield Specialist Suites the ideal solution for your medical business or specialist office. 

The State Government also announced in May 2021 that they will partner with Mater Health Services to deliver a new 174 bed public hospital to cater for the rapidly growing population.  

The new Mater Public Hospital Springfield, an expansion on the current private hospital, would also include an Emergency Department, an Intensive Care Unit, Maternity service and more procedural areas and is planned to open 2026. 

For more information regarding specialist suite opportunities please contact Praveen Mallesh 0434 285 521.

About Greater Springfield's Specialist Medical Suites

Greater Springfield is an emerging city which embraces the future of its community through education, health and technology and is expected to have an equivalent population of 115,000 by 2036. 

Health City in Springfield Central is completely dedicated to all forms of human health in one, modern location. Health City is set to become a world-renowned integrated health precinct underpinned by health promotion and wellness, whilst serving as a major global leading medical, research and innovation hub. There is no better place to situate your health or medical business. 

Health City’s dedication to high-quality medical practise has already been demonstrated by the founding partners of the precinct, including Mater Group, Aveo and Springfield City Group. New partnerships will continue to be developed to progress this one-of-a-kind, world class health precinct. 

By situating your business or medical practice in Springfield Central, you’ll be taking advantage of an ideal location with direct access to the Mater Private Hospital Springfield and a wealth of potential partnerships.