Discover Springfield City

Underpinning Springfield City’s pillar of information technology is the $275 million Polaris Data Centre. Owned and fully operated by Springfield City Group, Polaris has been designed to Tier 3+ standards and is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading, most modern, highly secure, purpose-built facility. 

The Polaris Data Centre is unique in delivering an N+2, high availability solution that is reinforced with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) assuring a class leading 99.99% availability. Tier 3+ demonstrates a concurrently maintainable, high security, high availability (N+2) facility that is successfully meeting the requirements of its tenants. For more information, please visit the Polaris Data Centre website. 

As part of the backbone to the digital plan Springfield City has its own dark fibre network throughout the CBD. This core infrastructure is considered essential to attract supporting companies to invest in services to support the community. Polaris also provides a wide range of technology companies with the ability to house their Cloud infrastructure to support the community, businesses and governments abroad. 

For more information visit the Polaris Data Centre website.