Discover Springfield City

The Knowledge Precinct & Digital Innovation in Springfield City

Our vision for the Knowledge Precinct is to create an economic centre at the heart of Springfield City based around our key sectors that will power Australia’s future: Health, Education and Innovation 

We aim to connect the Springfield City community through digital initiatives. This will allow people access to more intelligent platforms to assist their lifestyle, with access to data for personal health, business performance, self-improvement, and education.  

Springfield City’s commitment to innovation and education through digital means will allow us to foster even greater connection within the wider community.  

As an educated, motivated, and inspired workforce, Springfield City understands the benefits of living in a master planned, digitally-connected smart city. Out of our digital initiatives, comes the IDEA City precinct 

Designed to engage and encourage innovation, design, entrepreneurship, and art. IDEA City will be a dynamic, evolving part of the city centre. With no physical boundaries, IDEA City’s individual neighbourhoods connected seamlessly to surrounding health and education zones.  

IDEA City will maintain a strong research focus to commercialise innovation in partnership with government and business — particularly focused on the physical-digital fusion that is happening between old and new sectors of the economy. 

Springfield City's Knowledge Precinct