Discover Springfield City

Springfield City is a Learning City whereby life-long learning is expected and valued by the whole community; where learning can be seen and felt to flourish; opportunities and choices abound, and curiosity and discovery are championed. 

Springfield City, by design, has attracted young, upwardly mobile, passionate and family-oriented citizens. Growth will continue at above the average rates experienced elsewhere, as the liveability and access to world-class infrastructure and educational institutions continues to attract. 

Springfield City, Learning Coalition

Our master plan has seen education in Springfield City grow to 12 schools, a university, a TAFE and a variety of other learning institutions. Now there are close to 15,000 students learning in Greater Springfield in one form or another and these students live and go to school within 5-10 minutes of each other 

The eleven principals of Springfield City’s schools have come together and formalised the  Greater Springfield Learning Coalition which will nurture a seamless Learning City around four key areas of mutual interest. 

  • Sustainability for growth
  • Pursuit of learning excellence
  • Economy and jobs
  • Data sharing 

Education facilities in Greater Springfield