Discover Springfield City

By the tender age of 22, Italian-born Claudio D’Andrea had moved to Australia, married the love of his life and opened a pizza shop.

Five years after opening his business, the hugely popular Greater Springfield pizzeria is thriving and has been dubbed as one of the best pizza destinations in Brisbane.

Why Greater Springfield?

“We knew that if we put our heart into the restaurant it would grow and the predicted growth in this area was a key deciding factor, as was the family demographic, which is always good for our type of business,” Mr D’Andrea said.

“We also saw opening here as a great opportunity as my wife, Madison, and I already lived in Springfield Lakes, so it was the ideal location for us.”

Highlights over the last two years?

“Being recognised as one of the best pizza places in Brisbane has definitely given us a lot of confidence in what we’re doing,” he said.

“It also proves that we’re on the right track, so we’re really happy to be working hard and achieving our dreams.

“To me, this is not just a business, it’s something I love and even though I might at times get busy or stressed, I still love it and don’t see it as just a “job”.

To the future….

Moving forward, Pizzeria La Prima’s focus will be to expand on the current services they offer.

“All of our pizzas are popular and we’re still the only business providing Italian cuisine in the area, so we have slowly started to offer other food such as tiramisu, gnocchi and other popular Italian dishes which have been well received by our customers.

“I think along with our great customer service, pizza and Italian food, having authentic Italian beer and wine will really complete our picture.”