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The “Maha Sinnathamby Ideas and Imagination Award” was created, encouraging young minds to voice their aspirations and visions for the city they proudly call home.

Nurturing Disruptive Ideas for a Brighter Springfield

Each year, this coveted award seeks to unearth disruptive ideas that have the potential to propel Springfield further along the path towards the future. Springfield, a city constantly planning for its future, thrives on the pillars of ideas, innovation, education, and a steadfast commitment to health and well-being. In this city, imagination serves as both a playground and a launchpad for innovation, where ideas and creative solutions form the bedrock of its livability and sustainability.

Celebrating a Sea of Creativity

This year, 2023, the Chairman urged students to delve deep into their creative and contemplate how they could contribute to the city they call home. The response was amazing! A huge congratulations to all the students who put together submissions in this year’s event.

Announcing the Winners

Lower Primary Category:

  • Winner: Aditi Bhisekar, Year 1, St Peters Lutheran College Springfield
  • Runner-up: Georgina Nidhin, Year 3, Springfield Lakes State School

Upper Primary Category:

  • Winner: Vidit Shingrani, Year 6, Augusta State School
  • Runner-up: Aroosha Jayakajan, Year 4, St Peters Lutheran College Springfield

Lower High Category:

  • Winner: Vaidehi Sankar, Year 7, Springfield Central State School
  • Runner-up: Tejas Bhisekar, Year 7, St Peters Lutheran College Springfield

Excellence and Ingenuity

These young innovators were evaluated based on their creativity, long-term impact, and, perhaps most crucially, the captivating way they presented their ideas. Given the pool of innovative ideas, it was each student’s style, confidence, and presentation that set them apart.

The judging panel consisted of Meera Honan – General Manager Education & Training, Sophia Arkinstall – Senior Project Officer and our first ever invited judge – Jordan Clark, Power Systems Engineer from GridQube.

Jordan was recently in Rome representing GridQube who collected the award for Best Start-Up from CIRED (International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution)! Wonderful to have a world winning energy start-up headquartered in Springfield and to have Jordan help with the difficult task of judging.

Winning Ideas

The winning ideas showcased diverse ideas including a family-friendly ice-skating rink to the development of a microgrid and a captivating family entertainment precinct. All concepts promising innovative ideas for a brighter and more sustainable Springfield.

Numerous shortlisted ideas caught the judging panel’s attention, addressing vital aspects of health and wellbeing, recycling initiatives, hydropower generation, urban farming, sporting facilities, and novel sustainability measures.

Springfield City Group is proud to celebrate the potential and limitless imagination of students. These budding entrepreneurs are paving the way for a future that is vibrant and sustainable, ensuring that Springfield remains a city where ideas take flight.

Stay tuned for next year’s award!