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On Monday 10 June, The Springfield Anglican College, Secondary Campus, unveiled its new Red Bench. The Red Bench project is an initiative of the Red Rose Foundation and aims to raise awareness and community education on Domestic and Family Violence in a vibrant and permanent way.

Mr Steven Morris, College Principal, says “The Springfield Anglican College is proud to stand alongside more than 300 other organisations that have also erected or painted red benches around the country. Our Student Leaders have led this project which sends a clear and permanent reminder that we can all ‘take a seat’ to take a stand against domestic violence.”

Ms Vanessa Fowler is the Co-Chair of the Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council and Chair of the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation and spoke to secondary students at a College assembly.

Ms Fowler says, “It is wonderful to see The Springfield Anglican College take part in this initiative against domestic and family violence. It’s important that we start speaking to our young people about the difference between respectful and unhealthy relationships from an early age, in age-appropriate ways. It’s vital that they are aware of their language and actions, and the impact these can have on their friends. In order to have a generational change, we need to instill values of respectful friendships and caring for one another from the earliest of ages.”

The Springfield Anglican College’s Red Bench is situated in a visible yet peaceful corner of the Secondary Campus, adjacent to the College’s Old Chapel area, Rotary Peace Pole, and front lawn to allow people a quiet place to reflect.

The Red Bench was blessed by College Chaplain, Rev Jonathan Kemp in the presence of the College’s Principal, Executive Leadership Team, and College Student Leaders.

Year 12 Service and Sustainability Captains, Lilli Sayer and Nevaeh Kailani championed the Red Bench project at the College.

Nevaeh says, “We were very passionate about the Red Bench project. It is a way that we, as a community, can stand against domestic violence as well as raise awareness for victims and survivors who may be suffering in silence. We hope that this encourages victims and survivors to speak up or at least feel supported and not alone.”

Lilli says, “The Year 12 Leaders painted this bench together. It reminded me that when you look around, you never know what someone is going through. There could be someone right next to you dealing with domestic violence issues and you might not even know. The Red Bench shows that we are there for each other, and it will hopefully help them to feel loved and know there are people who care for them, for many years to come.”

The staff and students at The Springfield Anglican College are committed to working together to #Change the Ending

The Red Bench Project was launched in 2019 by the Red Rose Foundation.

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, support and information can be accessed by phoning 1800 RESPECT or through the local Domestic Violence Action Centre on (07) 3816 3000 or via

L-R Principal Steven Morris, Rev Jonathan Kemp, Audrey Taylor, Nevaeh Kailani, Vanessa Fowler