Discover Springfield City

In 2022 Springfield City celebrated 30 years of evolving into the vibrant community it is today, supporting over 55,000 residents. Much of that time has been creating a premium living opportunity with all the physical infrastructure and essential services needed to service a population.

As part of its 30th birthday celebrations, Springfield City Group recognised it was timely to be layering arts and culture into the Springfield ethos.

Like sport, the arts has an ability to bring together people from all walks of life for participation, for enjoyment, for competition. Art and culture have a magical quality that can inspire us, challenge us, and transport us to new worlds. They have the power to shape our perceptions of the world and create new realities.

Springfield City Group had warm discussions with the Brisbane-based arts professional bodies over many years on how we can inspire meaningful impact for the people within our community.

These discussions had an exciting landing with the launch of Arts Magic 2022.

Arts Magic was co-created with the Arts Professionals, using a collaborative leadership process that invited contribution – finishing with an inaugural outdoor Public Event held at Robelle Domain – being the first occasion that these organisations had performed together on the same stage.

Arts Magic also involved a range of workshops from our professional partners to the schools in the Springfield Learning Coalition. This has greatly assisted the engagement, excitement and aspiration, as well as building strong relationships between the professional bodies and our youth.

Instead of a one-off activity, Arts Magic was the launch of a concerted effort to stimulate the creative Springfield arts and culture eco-system.

The activation of our young community that appreciates and participates in the performance cultures will stimulate the need for construction of performance art facilities.