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BioPark Australia

Our vision for BioPark Australia is to create a place where multiple biologic industries (Therapeutics, Vaccines, Med Tech, Diagnostics and Well being will co-locate and keep growing. Central to the BioPark will be its provision of the complete suite of necessary components and reagents for these industries.

It has potential to offer a “Fill and Finish” module where bulk products are divided into vials for use in a dispensary/pharmacy and specialist storage (including very low temperature) areas for biologics. Future-proofing is built-in with staged expansion sites available to users.

Bio Park Australia is already well underway with Southern RNA and Aegros currently planning the construction of their facilities in the precinct.

The place to be for employment

RPS estimates that there is currently (in 2021) over 4,200 Engineers, Scientists and ICT Professionals residing within the Springfield City workforce corridor. This is up by more than 500 workers since 2016, growth which is expected to increase to an additional 800 workers by 2026 reaching over 5,000. By 2036, it is projected that there will be almost 7,000 workers in these select skilled occupations in the corridor.


  • Future-proofed technology

  • Connectivity

  • Master Planned Community

  • Education and Learning

  • Motorway access

  • Established Retail

  • Accommodation for visitors

  • Room to breathe

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